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Crimes of the Heart, a comedy by Beth Henley


Crimes of the Heart is a snapshot in the lives of the three Magrath sisters. It is 1974, five years after hurricane Camille, and five years since the sisters have been together in their hometown of Hazlehurst, Mississippi. The reunion, and all the action of the play, takes place in the kitchen of old Granddaddy’s house. Lenny, the eldest and most over-looked of the sisters, has sent a telegram to Meg, the middle sister who left to pursue a singing career, imploring her to return to Mississippi and help with Babe, the youngest sister, who has been arrested for shooting her abusive husband. During the next 24 hours, the past and present collide in humorous and heartfelt ways, as old and new relationships are brought into view. Memories and resentments come alive for the sisters as they learn to come to terms with the consequences of their own crimes of the heart.

Production Dates:

  • Rehearsals are expected to run during evenings and weekends starting in late November but with highest intensity through January and early February, primarily in a location near Parkdale x Wellington.
  • Production dates are February 9 – 18, 2017 at The Gladstone. Shows run at 7:30 Tuesday – Saturday, with weekend matinees at 2:30 on both Saturdays and the Sunday. There will also be one or two weekday student matinees during the run, exact date and time tba.

Remuneration:  Actors will be engaged on a profit-share basis. CAEA members, if cast, will be engaged under the Collective Agreement.

Auditions:  Sunday, November 6, 5-10pm. Additional dates may be added if needed.


Barnette Lloyd- age range – late 20s – early 30’s. Barnette is an intelligent, eager, and determined young lawyer striking out on his own. His first case is defending Babe, with whom he is smitten, against the charge of attempted murder resulting from her shooting of Zackery, her abusive husband who also destroyed Barnette’s father’s career. When Barnette is willing to sacrifice the chance to win his life-long vendetta against Zackery in order to protect Babe, his embodiment of the southern gentleman shines brightly.

Doc Porter – age range – 30s-40s – Doc is an easy going, kind hearted man who always acts the caretaker. Everyone still calls him Doc, although his plans for a medical career stalled and eventually died after he was severely injured in Hurricane Camille. He is Meg’s former lover and, true to his caretaker personality, stayed with Meg when he could not convince her to evacuate Biloxi during the hurricane. Doc still walks with a slight limp, but his biggest injury was emotional – immediately after the hurricane, Meg deserted him and moved to California. Although Doc has moved on, and he is married with two children, Meg still holds the key to his closure. It is fitting that his last name is Porter – Meg may be able to give him closure, but it is Doc Porter who is the gatekeeper to Meg’s emotional healing.

Chic Boyle- age range – 30s – Chic is the sisters’ cousin who lives next door. She has always been jealous of the attention, good or bad, that the Magrath girls receive. She is a self-concerned, pushy social climber, who is critical of all aspects of the Magrath’s family connection and the scandal, she feels, that connection brings. Ironically, despite the questionable actions of the Magrath cousins, it is Chic whose actions are the most repugnant of the family. Chic is a wonderfully large character, but at no time should she be a caricature.

Please note that the roles of Lenny, Meg, and Babe are already cast.

To book an audition, please forward resume and recent headshot to If there are constraints on at what time you can audition, please include this information in your email.  If November 6 is not a possibility for you, please submit anyway as we may be able to arrange an alternate day.

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